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Current Issue Sport Rocketry is the official journal of the National Association of Rocketry. Sport Rocketry is the longest continually published magazine devoted to the sport rocket hobby. It is published bi-monthly and features regional launch coverage, "how to" articles, rocket plans, scale data, competition tips, product reviews and much more!

If you're not already a regular reader, we hope these web pages will encourage you to pick up Sport Rocketry at your local hobby shop or book store. Better yet, join the NAR to get every issue of Sport Rocketry delivered right to your home!

This improvement is a result of the incredible effort and teamwork put out by the NAR members Tom Beach, Editor; Stew McNabb and Todd Schweim. This membership benefit improvement also comes at no dues increase to NAR members.

To receive Sport Rocketry magazine, you must become a member of the NAR. To download a sample issue of Sport Rocketry, click here.


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