Streamer Duration

« Duration Competition
32.1 Scope
Streamer Duration comprises eleven events open to single-stage entries that contain a single streamer as the only recovery device. The purpose of this competition is to achieve the longest flight duration time.
32.2 Streamer Specifications
A streamer is a continuous plane of identical cloth, plastic film, or paper; has a length-to-width ration of 5:1 or greater; may be folded and/or creased; it may not be cut, slit, punched, and or perforated. The streamer and model must be connected by only a single line or cord, attached at the narrow end of the streamer. That end of the streamer may include a stiffener and/or a yoke if desired.
32.2.1 FAI Streamers
For FAI class streamer duration, the streamer must have a length-to-width ratio of 10:1or greater. The cord attaching the streamer to the model may be attached to a loop of thread that is attached to each corner of the narrow end of the streamer.
32.3 Assembly
Several pieces of material may be joined into a single streamer. All such joints must be parallel to the narrow axis of the streamer. All pieces of the streamer must consist of identical material.
32.4 Qualification
Some portion of the streamer must protrude out of the entry and into the airflow to aid in recovery for the flight to be considered qualified.
32.5 Classes
This event is divided into classes based on the permissible total impulse of the motor(s). The following classes of Streamer Duration are established.

Motor Class Multi-Round Maximum (sec) NRC Maximum (sec)
1/8A 20
1/4A 30 90
1/2A 60 180
A 120 360
FAI A 180
B 180 540
C 240
D 300
E 300
F 300
G 300