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The Project Apollo inspired “Pay Forward” logo with hidden NAR anniversary symbology! Every donor gets a souvenir pin! Now you can own the image!

Vern Estes (L) with Bill Simon examine early Sandhawk and Interceptor prototypes at Estes Industries, 1969.


Shady Side Academy Rocketry Club, Pittsburgh PA in January 1965.  A Space Age view of rocketry enthusiasts from over a half century ago.

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The mid-century/space age feel of this image grabs the attention of even non-rocket people. The exhibit developers at The Museum of Flight knew the image would be part of the exhibit the first time they laid eyes on it.  It nicely captures the timeless enthusiasm that rockets and space exploration evoke in people of all ages. It’s made even more significant by the career of the gentleman on the right who some will recognize as Jay Apt who flew in space on the Space Shuttle.

G. Harry Stine (R) at the first international rocketry competition in Czechoslovakia, May 1966.


An early PR photo of a Model Missiles AerobeeHi kit seldom seen.

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This vibrant image was scanned from an original Model Missiles hobby shop poster not widely available to the public. Evoking the pivotal Mechanics Illustrated cover that helped propel the hobby to reality, its likely one of the earliest examples of a model rocket poster in the hobby.  The artistic merits of this image saw it selected to be part of the G. Harry Stine exhibit at The Museum of Flight in Seattle.

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This Estes hobby shop poster image is derived from the cover of the 1971 Estes catalog and features the iconic Interceptor kit.  Shown against the image of a solar eclipse seen from Apollo 12 as it returned from the moon 48 years ago this month, it’s a striking and evocative image from the first decades of model rocketry. This was the first solar eclipse witnessed by humans from cislunar space.

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The Estes Mini Brute line of 13mm engines and kits were introduced at NARAM in 1971. This is an Estes Mini Brute poster that you might have seen if you’d strolled into a hobby shop in the autumn of 1971. A great piece of retro art from the Golden Age of Model Rocketry!

Iconic Estes Poster from the 1969 Estes catalog.

Vintage Centuri Hobby Shop Poster from the mid 1960’s. A super rare image scanned from Lee Piester’s own copy!

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