Caliber Challenge

This special is for NSL only. Special includes The Caliber ISP kit($87.95 retail), the Loc 3″ EBAY upgrade($29.35 retail), and the Aerotech I65W DMS motor($89.99 retail) with 9 seconds of White Lightning power!!! We will fly these either Saturday or Sunday at NSL, TBD on Saturday at the launch. The contest will be closest to 4800Ft, and there will be prizes for the winner. These prizes are still TBD based on number of entries. This special is 40% off retail for the entire package, a $208 retail value for $125!!!

The kit will be shipped upon ordering, and the motor will be delivered at NSL


  1. User must supply the altimeter to record altitude. 
  2. Flyer must bring built to Chris’ Rocket Supplies before heading to pad to launch, and must return to Chris’ Rocket Supplies immediately upon recovery. The altimeter must still be beeping for credit to be awarded. 
  3. Once the launch day is determined, there will be a couple hour window that launches must occur during. This will be announced at the launch once we work it out with the launch organizer. 
  4. Flight must have successful recovery, with no damage to count. Cert style rules will apply. 
  5. This is the most important rule: Have fun!!!

One of the ISP PERFORMANCE SERIES of kits, which feature factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction and high power motor capabilities, the CALIBER ISP is a light weight, high power performer. The 54mm motor mount is great for Level 1 motors. An Aerotech J-90 motor puts this kit out of sight – try one out if your field can handle it. It is a very cool flight! (and sometimes a long walk) This kit flies great on a variety of G , H and I motors using the optional MMA-3 (for 29mm motors) or MMA-4 (for 38mm motors) motor mount adapter. Parachute Recovery.

All LOC/PRECISION “PK-XX” kits include heavy duty airframe and motor mount tubes, high-grade precision-cut plywood fins, centering rings, rip-stop nylon parachute or streamer, nylon  shock cord with loops sewn in and mount, launch lug, polypropylene nose cones and instructions.

Christopher Short
Chris’ Rocket Supplies, LLC