Human Spaceflight Contest

The “Human Spaceflight” contest is basically an altitude contest to commemorate one of the ultimate achievements of Human Spaceflight, landing on the Moon in 1969.




Open to low power and high power with separate prizes. There will be one set of prizes for the highest 3 LPR entries and one set for the highest 3 HPR entries. Only one entry per class, per flyer, will be counted. You may enter multiple times per class, but we will just use the highest of the entries.


Fly a scale or sport-scale model of an actual rocket used for Human Spaceflight. No fantasy or planned future rockets. The list of acceptable models are: Vostock, Mercury-Redstone, Mercury-Atlas, NA X-15, Voskhod, Gemini-Titan, Soyuz, Apollo-Saturn IB, Apollo-Saturn V, Apollo-LEM, Space Shuttle, Shenzhou, or Spaceship One/Two. Models must be in the Human Spaceflight configuration (i.e. no ICBM versions).